Rossiya 24 (Russian: Россия 24 - German: Russia 24; formerly Телеканал Вести and Вести 24; German: News TV and News 24 ) is a News TV in Russia. He is part of the state media holding WGTRK. Seat of the television station is Moscow. The transmitter can be received in the context of pay-TV NTV Plus, which is part of the Gazprom - Media. In some regions it is received by cable.


Rossiya 24 sends a 24-hour pure news program daily. In the Critique of channel is mainly because of its one-sided kremlunkritischen reporting. Another difference from Western, above all private news channels is the increased focus on information transfer and the lower value of the show -like presentation of news or selection of news topics. Thus, the transmitter tries to solidify his claim primarily as a channel for the Russian elite.