Rossiya K, December 31, 2009 Kultura (Russian Культура ), is a state television channel in Russia. Rossiya K sends a culturally oriented division program, roughly comparable in the German-speaking channels like 3sat or arte, but on a regierungsunkritischen line. Rossiya K can be received nationally and was in a 2004 survey of eight stations with the largest market share in the Russian Federation. Rossiya K belongs to the daughter of the channel Rossiya 1, the state media holding WGTRK and is thus indirectly under government control.


The channel was founded in 1997 by a government decree. There were 8 studios for the various program parts entertained from the beginning: Information, art, music, science, film, archives, special and program implementation. 2000 joined the sender of the European Broadcasting Union. Inner Russian he was constantly inundated during the years of its existence with cultural prizes, but this is also partly due to the powerful proteges of the transmitter. On 1 January 2010, the station that was previously called Kultura or RTR Kultura, was renamed as part of a restructuring of the transmission environment of the media holding company in Rossiya K.