Russia national rugby union team

The Russian rugby union team represents Russia in the sport of Rugby Union. She has been nicknamed " The Bear", is the third strength class ( third tier ) to. In 1992, the first time a Russian national rugby team in an international game. Previously, the team played as part of the Soviet Union and the Commonwealth of Independent States. The Russians have qualified for the World Cup 2011 and are for the first time at a World Cup finals.


1936 Rugby Union Association of the Soviet Union was founded. Until 1991, the Russian team was part of this association. For two years, then was a member of the Commonwealth of Independent States and lost all four games played. On June 6, 1992 the Russian national team played the first official match in its history against the Barbarians, which was won with 27:23. By November 1993, the team Belgium, Germany, Georgia and Poland proposed before the team had to give Italy struck with 19:30.

Russia takes part in the 1992 Rugby Championship and 1995 could even win the title. When introduced in 1999 European Nations Cup, the Russians reached twice the third. 2001 and 2002 they had only Romania and Georgia defeated.

When qualifying for the World Cup 2003, the Russian team was even excluded, since it belonged to three unauthorized South African players. The World Cup in France missed the team as the bears Italy and Portugal were inferior. Against Italy, there was this their heaviest defeat in the history of Russian rugby. In Slava stadium lost the Russian bear with 7:67. In Lisbon, the Russians failed only the narrowest of margins with 26:23, the Portuguese qualified in the course to their first World Cup.

In the season 2006 /08, the Russian team showed significantly improved, showed, among other Romania in Bucharest 22:11 and 12:8 in Krasnodar and ultimately accomplished the first time the second place in the European Nations Cup.

In the 2008/10 season the Russians reached three successive victories against Spain in Moscow, away in Lisbon and Bucharest, thus the Russian team climbed to 17th place in the IRB world rankings. After a defeat against Georgia three more wins and a draw against Romania were celebrated in Sochi. The second comparison against Georgia was lost again. Meanwhile result qualified the Russians Georgia next two games before the end of the tournament for the World Cup in 2011 and took part for the first time at a World Cup. In the preliminary round Group C, however, no game could be won only at the 6:13 defeat against the United States, there was a bonus point.


Results at World Championships

  • World Cup 1987: did not participate
  • World Cup 1991: did not participate
  • World Cup 1995: not qualified
  • World Cup 1999: not qualified
  • World Cup 2003: not qualified
  • World Cup 2007: 5th qualifying round
  • World Cup 2011: Preliminary Round ( No win )


  • European Nations Cup 2006-08: 2nd place
  • European Nations Cup 2001: 3rd place
  • European Nations Cup 2001-02: 3rd place

Known player

  • Kirill Kuljomin
  • Sergei Sergeyev