Rue ( Ruta graveolens )

The diamonds ( Ruta ) is a genus of shrubs and semi- shrubs of the family Rutaceae. The genus can be attributed to eight species whose range extends from the Mediterranean to West Asia.


The diamonds are evergreen shrubs or subshrubs. They are rich in essential oils and smell therefore intense and severe. The leaves are alternate and pinnately are one -to three- fold. The leaflets are oblong obovate and provided with transparent dots.

The flowers are in terminal clusters or panicles. The single flowers have a double perianth, the terminal flowers are fünfzählig, the lateral cruciform. The sepals are fused at the base, the yellow petals are entire, dentate or ciliate. There shall be eight or ten stamens. The disk is large and deep four - or five-lobed. The four or five carpels have constant upper ovary. The fruits are four to fünfhörnige, spherical or flattened spherical, mehrsamige capsules, reaching a diameter of 6 to 8 millimeters. The black seeds are 2 to 2.5 millimeters long.

Terminal, fivefold blossom of Rue

Lateral fourfold flower of rue

Fruits of the Rue


The distribution of seven species extends from the Mediterranean to South Asia.


The diamonds ( Ruta ) is a genus of the family Rutaceae ( Rutaceae ). It forms with the genera Boenninghausenia, Cneoridium, Haplophyllum, Psilopeganum, Rutosma and Thamnosma the subfamily Rutoideae.

The following species belong to the genus:

  • Ruta angustifolia Pers.
  • Fringed rue ( Ruta chalepensis L.)
  • Ruta corsica DC.
  • Rue or Fragrant hash ( Ruta graveolens L.)
  • Ruta montana (L.) L.
  • Ruta microcarpa Svent. , Native to La Gomera.
  • Ruta oreojasme Webb, endemic to Gran Canaria.
  • Ruta pinnata Lf, only on La Palma and Tenerife occurring.

Fringed rue ( Ruta chalepensis )

Ruta corsica

Ruta montana


The rue or Fragrant hash ( Ruta graveolens ) is a decorative fragrance and spice plant.