Ruth Fuchs

Ruth Fuchs, née Gamm ( born December 14, 1946 in leeches ) is a German former athlete who had - starting for the GDR - two-time Olympic champion in the javelin was. Later she was the People's Chamber Members, Member of the German Bundestag and the Thuringian Landtag for the PDS.


With the track they started on the Children's and Youth Sports School Güstrow. After graduation in 1964, she attended (then Karl- Marx-Stadt ), where she was awarded the 1966 financial statements as a medical technician medical college in Chemnitz. In the same year she married for the first time.

Fuchs was founded in 1967 for the first time East German champion in the javelin and at the European Cup in the same year she finished in third place. But through an associated coated in handball games injury she missed the part in the Olympic Games in Mexico. In 1968 she moved to SC motor Jena and trained with Karl Hellmann, whom she later married in second marriage. In 1970, she broke through as the first East German javelin thrower, the 60 -meter mark and won the European Cup. The following year she was third at the European Championships.

In Munich, Fox won the gold medal at the 1972 Olympics. A year later, she won again at the European Cup and 1974 European champion, she was in Rome. Also in 1975 she won the European Cup in Montreal and it was 1976 for the second time Olympic gold medalist. In 1977, she won for the fourth time in a row at the European Cup and the World Cup newly created could win in Dusseldorf. At the European Championships 1978 in Prague and at the World Cup 1979 Fox defended their respective titles. At the Olympic Games in Moscow in 1980, she was eighth.

Fuchs was 1967-1980 a total of eleven times GDR champion. She put up six world records, the last in 1980 ( 69.96 m). In her playing days, she was 1.69 m tall and 72 kg. She confessed in 1994 that took the doping agent Oral- Turinabol.

She began studying at the Leipzig Sport University DHfK in which they paed 1981 a master degree in physical education teacher and in 1984 as Dr.. reached. From 1984 to August 1991, Fuchs research assistant at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena. She was also from 1984 to 1990 Vice President of DVFL and member of the Women's Commission of the IAAF. She was recognized by the Ministry of State Security as IM candidate with the IM- Flow X-Files 367/71, and admitted having spoken to the Stasi teammates. In an interview with the State Security fox was extremely cooperative.

After the turn Fuchs, who was a member since 1971, the SED was, from March 18 to October 2, 1990 for the PDS member of the People's Chamber and chairman of the Committee on Youth and Sports. After reunification it was then from October 3 to December 20, Member of the Bundestag. From 1991 to 1992 she was deputy chairman of the Thuringian Association of PDS. As Nachrückerin for Gerhard Riege she was since March 11 again in 1992 member of the Bundestag. After the 2002 elections, in which the PDS failed because of the five percent hurdle, she retired from the Bundestag. From 2004 to 2009 she was a Member of the Thuringian Parliament, 2009, she decided not to run again for a seat in Parliament.

After her political career, Fox led a fashion store in Jena. She lives in Bucharest at Jena.

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