Ruthless Records

Ruthless Records is a record label from Los Angeles. The label, founded by Eazy -E and Jerry Heller in 1987 known as the birthplace of Gangsta Rap.

The label promo dead first then local artists such as the rapper Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, MC Ren and DJ Yella, as well as R & B singers like Michel'le. A year later, Eazy- E, the group NWA In the following years, Above the Law, Bone Thugs -N-Harmony, The DOC, BG Knocc Out, Gangsta Dresta, and JJ Fad were part of the label. The group Black Eyed Peas signed her first contract also at Ruthless, but were never published because their texts and their occurrence were positive and peaceful.

After Eazy -E died of AIDS in 1995, the label was taken over by his wife, Tomica Wright. Today Ruthless Records is a sublabel of Atlantic Records, which in turn belong to Warner Music Group.

Former artist

  • Eazy -E
  • Ice Cube
  • Dr. Dre
  • Bone Thugs -N-Harmony
  • Dru Down
  • Blood of Abraham
  • J. J. insipid
  • Dirty Red
  • Kokane
  • Above the Law
  • Yomo & Maulkie
  • MC Ren
  • Pistol
  • Dresta
  • B. G. Knocc Out
  • NX
  • The D.O.C.
  • Kid Frost
  • Baby S
  • Blunts LLA
  • Street Runnaz Click
  • Michel'le
  • Tab & Da Villon
  • Tairrie B
  • Rhythum D
  • DJ Yella
  • Stevie Stone
  • Hopsin
  • Na'Sha