RX Bandits

RX Bandits is a four -member band from Seal Beach, Orange County, California. Their music is a mix of ska, reggae, punk and rock.

Band History

RX Bandits was founded in Seal Beach by singer Matt Embree, bassist Franz Worth, the winds Rich Balling and Noah Gaffney and drummer Chris Tsagakis under the name The Pharmaceutical Bandits 1997. A first demo was released in 1996. Shortly after, the band signed to Ante Detention Records and released their debut album there Those Damn Bandits. From there they go to drive-thru Records, which release the second album Halfway Between Here and There, initially under the old name. Shortly thereafter, however, the band decided to shorten their name to RX Bandits and the album was re-released under the new name. Having toured as the opening act for New Found Glory, Bloodhound Gang and Reel Big Fish, Worth and Gaffney got out. However, the new bassist James Salomon remained only for the album Progress and was subsequently replaced by Joseph Troy, the still plays with the RX Bandits.

Before the album The resignation will change almost the entire line-up, remain as the only original members Embers and Tsagakis get the band. The album is also the first that comes in the Billboard 200. It reached number 148 Then, vocalist Embree own label called Mash Down Babylon Records, the first of the live DVD RX Bandits Live: Vol.1 published. Also, the 2006 album ... And the Battle Begun (2006) appeared there. The album reached number 117 on the Billboard charts. In summer 2009, the album Mandala, which was produced by Sargent House was released. 2010 appeared on Records Store Day a strictly limited Live Acoustic EP.

In April 2011, to want to make any more summer tours, the band announced. The statement was ambiguous and so the band announced later, have no plans to dissolve. The band would only live shorter kick something.

Music style

The often abbreviated RXB -called band has a strong political claim, which is reflected in their lyrics. They were also involved in the Rock Against Bush action. Musically RX Bandits were at first a Skapunkband with some elements from the alternative rock. From the album ... And the Battle Begun the Ska-/Reggae-Einflüsse stepped into the background and the group plays since indie rock or progressive rock.



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