RX is the abbreviation for:

  • Auto sport Rallycross
  • The name of a remote procedure call protocol which is used for example by the file system Andrew File System, see RX ( network protocol )

RX as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • UK: Reading
  • Norway: Stavanger in Rogaland county

RX ® is:

  • Europe-wide trademark of ERIKS

Rx is:

  • The name for a recipient or for receiving a radio broadcast in radio communications or computer data ( download); Rx stands for the English term receiver, where the x is to be regarded as a " symbol" for the letters after the R ( contrast: Transmitter ( Tx) = transmitter )
  • (actually ℞ ) the common in the pharmaceutical industry and in the English-speaking abbreviation for prescription drugs
  • An abbreviation for X-ray
  • The name for a moped from Aprilia
  • The name of a family of microcontrollers, the Japanese company Renesas Electronics
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