Ryan Davenport

Ryan Davenport is a former Canadian Skeleton pilot. Davenport is one of the most successful athletes of his sport at all.

Ryan Davenport began in 1992 with the sport of skeleton. In the World Cup he made his debut in December 1993 at a race in Winterberg, where he was fifth immediately. In January 1996, he was first to win a World Cup race in Altenberg. Overall, he won seven World Cup races. The 1993/94 season, he finished seventh of the overall World Cup and could be improved in the following years. 1994/95 he was fourth, in 1995/96 he won the vote for the only time. 1996/97, he finished the season behind the Austrian Alexander Müller Second, the following season in fourth place and his final season in 1998/99 behind the German Böhme Andy again in second.

At World Championships Davenport took the first time in 1994 in part in Altenberg and finished sixth. In 1995 in Lillehammer, he won behind Jürg Wenger and Christian Auer with the bronze medal his first international medal. The following World Cup in 1996 in Calgary, he could as well as the subsequent 1997 in Lake Placid decide for yourself and be the first and so far also the only skeleton bob defend his title. The Championships 1998 in St. Moritz had failed the 12th grade. In his last World Cup appearance in Altenberg he was fifth again.

Davenport was particularly successful in the skeleton North America Championships. Here he won from 1995 to 1999 the title five times in a row. In 2004 he came to again and won the title for the sixth time. He is the record holder in this event, the American Lincoln DeWitt could as him. Successes in the next coming athlete, this competition to win three times

1999 Davenport ended his career, but appeared sporadically since then from time to time participate in competitions. In addition, he was coach of the U.S. national teams and as such he trained athletes as his successor as North America champion Lincoln DeWitt. With Davenport as manager the two U.S. Skeleton athlete Tristan Gale and Jim Shea won Olympic medals at the one recorded for the first time since 1948 back into the program, competition of the Games of Salt Lake City. Already during his career Davenport was an inventor and built after his career on a shop where he sells skeleton sled and accessories.