Rybnik County

The powiat Rybnik is a powiat ( county ) in the Polish province of Silesia. It has an area of 224.63 km ², of which about 70,000 inhabitants.

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The county has no coherent district area, but consists of three parts. These lie to the east, south and west of the county town of Rybnik, which forms a separate urban district. Neighboring districts are in the north Gliwice, in the east Mikołów in the southeast of the city circles Zory and Jastrzębie Zdrój, in the south and west Wodzisław Śląski Racibórz.

Cities and Towns

The powiat includes five municipalities, a city and rural municipality and four rural communities.

Urban and rural community

  • Czerwionka - Leszczyny ( Czerwionka - Leschczin )

Rural community

  • Gaszowice ( Gaschowitz )
  • Jejkowice ( Jeykowitz )
  • Lyski ( Lissek )
  • Świerklany ( Schwirklan )