S scale

The nominal size S is in the standards of European Model Railroads (NEM) and the standards of the National Model Railroad Association ( NMRA ) standard size for model trains. The standard gauge model with a track gauge of 1435 mm case has a model track width of 22.5 mm and is colloquially referred to as trace S. The scale is usually 1:64.

  • 2.1 Faller AMS
  • 2.2 metallwarenfabrik Stadtilm
  • 2.3 Metal Toy Factory Weimar
  • 2.4 Other Manufacturers


Continental Europe

For nominal size S European Model Railroads (NEM) are in 1:64 scale in the standards specified the following model track gauge:

North America

For nominal size S, the following model gauges are in 1:64 scale in the National Model Railroad Association ( NMRA ) is set:

Manufacturer (selection)

Faller AMS

The Black Forest manufacturer Faller had in the late 1950s in the United States a license for an electric highway with ruts guide ( " slot car " ) acquired, he about two decades under the name " Faller AMS " (Auto Motor Sport) as an accessory offered for the railway nominal size H0. But better fit this system to the nominal size S, because of the scale of the electrically driven Faller model cars is about 1:67 and so much larger than H0. There are ( for the scale H0) even combined applications with level crossing and a loading of cars on railroad flat cars.

Metal goods factory Stadtilm

At the end of the Second World War, Carl Liebmann -ferrous metal works were founded, which focused on the production of toy trains. The company models were produced in the rare trace S, after she had made ​​the production of models of track 0. In 1951, the company was nationalized and renamed VEB metal goods factory Stadtilm. The production of toy trains was was abandoned in 1964.

Metal toy factory Weimar

The metal toy factory in Weimar ( MSW) also presented her locomotives, wagons and accessories for the nominal size S, but has been simplified in some places made ​​to the models so that both the production and the cost of materials decreased.

Other manufacturers

Several SOEs set accessories such as houses, St. Andrew's crosses, signs and figures for model railways of nominal size S here.

In Nuremberg alongside models of nominal size 0 were also prepared some vehicles the nominal size S by Karl Bub.

Special equipment ( selection)

In the Nuremberg Toy Museum of the railway junction Omaha / Nebraska is adjusted to 30m ².