S. F. Sorrow


  • Vocals: Phil May
  • Lead Guitar / Vocals: Dick Taylor
  • Organ / sitar / percussion / vocals: John Povey
  • Bass / Guitar / Vocals / Instruments / Piano: Wally Allen
  • Drums: Skip Alan
  • Drums: Twink

SF Sorrow is one of the first rock operas in rock history.

The band The Pretty Things set to music in 1968 a short story of their singer Phil May, which is also the cover artwork: has designed Web archive / Maintenance / Nummerierte_Parameter. Probably for the first time had an album of rock music, a continuous history.

It tells the story of Sebastian F. Sorrow, from birth until death.

S.F. Sorrow sold poorly, but had great influence on other musicians and bands. Especially with Tommy The Who benefited from the idea. The Kinks appealed under this influence complex structures on their plates and created concept albums. Today SF Sorrow is considered alongside Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles and The Piper at the Gates of Dawn by Pink Floyd as a milestone of the flower power era.

The Pretty Things Live led the entire work in 1998 under the title Resurrection at the legendary Abbey Road Studios on. With illustrious players as guitarist David Gilmour (Pink Floyd ) and Arthur Brown as a narrator, the show was broadcast on the Internet and put on CD and DVD.

Track list

  • Album ( Psychedelic Rock )
  • Musical (factory )
  • Concept album