S. Sylvan Simon

S. Sylvan Simon ( born March 9, 1910 in Chicago, Illinois, USA, † May 17, 1951 in Beverly Hills, California ) was an American film director.


S. Sylvan Simon, whose father David Simon worked for Universal Pictures, attended after graduating from high school in 1927 from the University of Michigan. In 1931 the University have been closed. For a year, Simon worked as a voice coach and assistant director in radio. There he began radio courses for learning a musical instrument to send.

Simon moved to New York to study at Columbia Law School Law. In 1935 he finished his studies. At the Summer Theatre in New York, he became a director, after which he was employed by Warner Bros. as a talent scout. In addition, he led on Broadway directing the plays ' Lysistrata and girls in uniform.

A contract with Universal Pictures pulled him to the West Coast. He directed a short film titled Hollywood screen test, which cemented his reputation. In the aftermath employed him Universal as a director and producer. Under his direction, among other things, played Lana Turner, Frank Morgan, Ann Rutherford, Red Skelton, Wallace Beery and the comedy duo Abbott and Costello. His biggest success in 1951 was the Oscar nomination for Best Picture, he is of the for his work as a producer was not given yesterday ( Born Yesterday ).

At the age of 41 years S. Sylvan Simon suffered a heart attack, the consequences of which he died.

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