S.Oliver Baskets

2012/13: 9th place

The s.Oliver Baskets are a basketball team from the city of Würzburg. The team plays since the 2011/2012 season in the German top flight basketball league.



1998 increased the leading basketball club of the city, the DJK Würzburg with its first men's team for the first time in the highest German league on. In the ranks of the team at that time was the largest German rising star Dirk Nowitzki, who has already moved to the end of the lockout at the beginning of 1999, the highest prize American professional league NBA and there began an unprecedented for a European basketball player career.

Despite the loss of Nowitzki, the association could play a good role in the first division in the following years, as it brought forth another German national team with Demond Greene, Robert Garrett and Marvin Willoughby. In the season 2000/ 01 under coach Gordon Herbert succeeded the time being last play-off participation of the German championship.

Then in 2001 the "X- Rays Sport-Marketing GmbH " was founded as a carrier of the team and the first team from the club DJK Würzburg outsourced to promote a more professional and to protect the DJK against risks of the activities of basketball. However, the sporting and economic development proved to be more difficult; Finally, in 2005 the club was relegated from the Bundesliga and was forced to declare bankruptcy.

Under the name " Franconia Baskets " Holger Geschwindner tried with some colleagues a restart in the 2nd League South, while you sat targeted at German player. These attempts failed, and it followed the descent renewed after only won one game in the season. The license was then transferred to the SC Heuchelhof, who started with it in the Regionalliga.

Würzburg Baskets / s.Oliver Baskets

In 2007 by businessman Jochen Bähr and the commercial director of the Würzburg Franconia theater, Klaus Heuberger, the Würzburg Baskets launched and founded the " Sport and Event Würzburg Baskets GmbH". Their goal was the medium-term return of Würzburg in the 2nd League Pro A.

The Würzburg Baskets acquired the Regional license and started in the 2007/2008 season in cooperation with the SC Heuchelhof as " SCH Würzburg Baskets " in the Southeast Regional. First coach was the Croat Ivo Nakic who went earlier for the DJK Würzburg s.Oliver on basket hunt. During the first season Nakic was dismissed. Women's Basketball Head of the SC Heuchelhof, Harald Borst, took over the team and led them to third place.

In the 2008/2009 season, the Würzburg Baskets recovered with 24 wins in 24 games under coach Berthold Bisselik the championship in the Southeast Regional and hence the rise in the Pro B, the lower the Season since 2007 two-part 2nd Bundesliga. In the following season 2009/2010 the Würzburg Baskets finished third and missed only just the athletic advancement. However, it was announced on 27 May 2010 that the for promotion to the Pro A sporty qualified Hertener lion the necessary minimum budget could not prove and the Würzburg thus still move up in the Pro A.

On 2 June 2010 the Sports and Event Würzburg Baskets GmbH received the right to participate for the Pro A in the 2010/11 season and won the company s.Oliver as a sponsor as to earlier Erstligazeiten the X- Rays, the name of the sponsor of the professional team been.

Behind the wealthy, by the former German national coach Dirk Bauer man trained Bayern Munich they finished under coach Marcel Schröder the second promotion place. The current club thus reached the summit in the Beko Basketball Bundesliga, so that he follows in the footsteps of the DJK Würzburg s.Oliver or X - Rays.

To Erstligaspielzeit 2011/12, two-time National Basketball League Coach of the Year John Patrick 's new coach, the institution responsible for the new class a number of players with whom he previously 74 Göttingen enjoyed success in the BG, such as the gain was. the euro Challenge 2010 the regular season ended the team in 6th place in the table - so it moved into the playoffs in his first Bundesliga year.

In the quarterfinals, the s.Oliver Baskets met Alba Berlin. The best- of-five series was the Würzburg win in four games with a 3-1 victory and moved into the semi-finals of the German Championship. There were subject to the s.Oliver Baskets against Ratiopharm Ulm in the series 0-3 and eliminated in the semifinals. A few days later, the s.Oliver Baskets parted unknown reasons by head coach John Patrick. On 15 June 2012 made the s.Oliver Baskets previous assistant coach and former head coach Marcel Schröder before as new head coach with contract until 2014.

In the 2012/2013 season, the s.Oliver Baskets come in ULEB Eurocup first time. The premiere took place in the Eurocup on home soil on 6 November 2012. Here the baskets against Ukrainian champion and vice Favorites BT Azovmash Mariupol won with 81:77. Athletic ended the 2012/2013 season in 9th place in the table. On the final day the Baskets missed by a defeat against champions Brose Baskets to making the play offs.

After a weak start to the 2013/2014 season, head coach Marcel Schröder was released on November 11, 2013 from his duties. As interim coach took over the former assistant coach Michael Meeks. The team was ranked at the time of the change of coach with a win and 7 losses to 17th place in the table. As the successor to present the Baskets the end of November 2013, former head coach of the Artland Dragons Stefan Koch. Apart from the sporting concerns, the baskets had to also announce that the club plagued by economic concerns. This led in November to an assessment of economic performance by the league. Although it has been certified the Baskets that the club is stable enough to end the season, but still the club two rating points were deducted in the table. The reason was the league " violations of the obligation " to.


  • Winning the basketball Bavaria Cup (2008/2009)
  • Championship in Basketball Southeast Regional (2008/2009)
  • Promotion to 2nd Basketball Bundesliga - Pro B (2009)
  • Promotion to 2nd Basketball Bundesliga - Pro A (2010)
  • Promotion to the 1st Basketball League - Basketball League (2011)
  • Playoff semi-final / fourth place in the first basketball league and qualification for the ULEB Eurocup - Basketball League (2012 )


The s.Oliver Baskets attracted in the season 2009/10, most of the audience in the 2nd Basketball Bundesliga ( PRO A PRO and B). On average, 2,475 people attended per game. A total of 34,650 spectators came to Würzburg s.Oliver Arena. For the 2011/12 season, the capacity was increased from 3,029 to 3,140 seats. All 20 home games of the s.Oliver Baskets in the main round (17) and the playoffs the Beko Basketball Bundesliga were completely sold out ( 62,800 spectators ).

Bundesliga - Squad

Change to the 2013/2014 season

Arrivals: Sebastian Betz ( Ratiopharm Ulm), Lamont Mack (Victoria Libertas Pesaro / ITA - No longer in the squad ), Ricky Harris ( Fortitude Bologna / ITA ), Ruben Spoden ( Walter Tigers Tuebingen ), Demond Carter ( CEZ Basketball Nymburk / CZE) Stefan Koch ( coach / Artland Dragons ), Steven Kamp ester (SC RASTA Vechta - No longer in the squad )

Departures: Alex King ( Alba Berlin), Dwayne Anderson ( End of career - Assistant coach at Penn State University), Lamont McIntosh (BG Karlsruhe ), Oliver Clay (Middle German BC ), Mike Lenzly (destination unknown), Frank Robinson, Christoph Henneberger ( TG Würzburg), Marcel Schröder ( coach / destination unknown), Lamont Mack (destination unknown), Steven Kamp ester (destination unknown)


Former Players

X - Rays

  • Robert Garrett
  • Demond Greene
  • Kresimir Loncar
  • Dirk Nowitzki
  • Olumide Oyedeji
  • Marvin Willoughby

Würzburg Baskets / s.Oliver Baskets

  • Hrovje Pervan
  • Virginijus Žilinskas
  • Bill Grant Meier
  • Robert Tomaszek
  • Alex King

Former coach


In the age groups U14, U16 and U19 male youth teams s.Oliver Baskets Academy play since 2009 in each of the top division youth basketball league ( U16 ) and - with a one-year interruption - Junior Basketball League ( U19). All youth players play in teams of co- association TG Würzburg. The TGW brought in the season 2011/2012 with Baskets young players the championship in the 2nd Regional and enters the 2012/2013 season in the Southeast Regional at. Medium-term objective is the promotion to 2nd League Pro B.

The s.Oliver Baskets or the s.Oliver Baskets Academy have (as of summer 2012) brought forth with Maximilian adhesive ( U20), Maximilian Ugrai ( U18) and Constantin Ebert ( U16 ) three youth national team.