S/2003 J 15

IFA Hawaii

S/2003 J 15 is one of the smaller moons of the planet Jupiter.


S/2003 J 15 was discovered on February 6, 2003 by astronomers at the University of Hawaii. The moon has not yet received no official name - these are among the moons of Jupiter usually female figures from Greek mythology - but is in accordance with the Nomenclature of the International Astronomical Union ( IAU) tentatively identified as S/2003 J 15 denotes.

Path data

S/2003 J 15 orbits Jupiter at an average distance of 22,627,000 km in 689 days, 18 hours and 29 minutes. The track has an eccentricity of 0.1910. With an inclination of 146.5 ° to the local Laplace plane the web is retrograde, that is, the moon moves against the direction of rotation of Jupiter around the planet.

Because of its web properties is S/2003 J 15 of the Ananke group, named after Jupiter's moon Ananke assigned. S/2003 J 15 is the outermost member of the group.

Physical data

S/2000 J 15 has a diameter of about 2 km. Its density is estimated to be 2.6 g / cm ³. He is probably made ​​up predominantly of silicate rock. It has a very dark surface with an albedo of 0.04, i.e., only 4% of the incident sunlight is reflected.