Saalhausen Hills

Location of the hall Hauser mountains in North Rhine -Westphalia

View from Härdler northwestward over Milchbach away to the hall Hauser mountains

View from mountain Gelsterhagen (southeast of Altenilpe ) southwestward to the hall Hauser mountains

The hall houses mountains are one to 688.5 m above sea level. NN high mountain in the Sauerland region in the district of Olpe and Hochsauerlandkreis, North Rhine -Westphalia, Germany. They are part of the Rhenish Slate Mountains and belong there to Southshore Hills.

The namesake of the hall Hauser mountains is located on the southern edge of the forest Saalhausen (district of Lenne city).


Geographical location

The hall houses mountains lie than by the Lenne in the south clearly defined part of the Südsauerländer Rothaarvorhöhen (for Südsauerländer Bergland, 3362 main unit, belonging ) in the Sauerland region between Lenne city in the southwest and western Schmallenberg in the east-northeast. They range in the northeast of Olpe and south of the Hochsauerlandkreises. Your West and Central part belongs to Rothaargebirge Nature Park. In the north east borders the Fredeburger earth, and, in the southeast of the Rothaargebirge, on the southwest by other parts of the Südsauerländer Rothaarvorrückens, some distance to the west the Ebbegebirge and in the northwest foothills of Lenne Mountains.

The hall houses mountains located north of the headwaters of the river Lenne, southeast of the inflow Elspe Bach and southwest of the headwaters of the Ruhr- inflow Wenne. In a north-south direction of the western slide Erbach, which opens at Gleierbrück in the Lenne flows through the mountains and divides it into a Western - depressants and higher eastern part. Just east of the mountains runs the eastern sliding Erbach, who tends at Gleidorf the Lenne.


Among the hall Hauser mountains, surveys and their foothills - sorted by height in meters ( m) above mean sea level ( MSL ) /:

  • Himberg ( 688.5 m)
  • Auer Gang ( 684.1 m)
  • Ösenberg ( 678.8 m)
  • Hülsberg ( 660.9 m)
  • Jürgen Berg ( 619.2 m)
  • Beerberg ( 614.1 m), including with transmitter Beerberg Radio Sauerland
  • Oats Hagen ( 611.4 m)
  • Kuhhelle ( 602.6 m), with transmission tower
  • Bracht ( 599.9 m)
  • Hebberg ( 581.1 m)
  • Stöppelkopf (572 m)
  • Bünte ( 552.5 m)
  • Eben ( 536.3 m)
  • Robecker mountain ( 528 m)
  • Kahle ( 479.6 m), with ramparts


The majority of the hall Hauser mountains belongs to the protected landscape area Kreis Olpe ( LSG-Nr. 345041 ), which was founded in 1988 and about 410.83 km ² is large, their north-eastern part belongs to the set up in 1994 and about 140.53 km ² nature reserve Rothaargebirge - HSK - part surface 1 ( LSG-Nr. 323981 ). Approximately in the middle part of the mountain landscape are the nature reserves Rümperholz (also called Ruemperholz; NSG No. 378 273. ), Which was founded in 2005 and is about 56.13 hectares, rings Bach and upper Gleierbachtal ( NSG-Nr. 389 875 ), which established in 2008 and was about 12.78 ha is large and Espey ( NSG-Nr. 389722 ), which was founded in 2008 and is about 3.4 hectares. In its extreme east-northeast, the hall houses abut the mountains, founded in 2008 and about 12.19 ha nature reserve Lennetal below Schmallenberg ( NSG-Nr. 389 818 ).


From north to south the Christine Koch path of the Sauerland mountain club and the Homertweg cross the mountains. The Friedrich- Wilhelm Grimme way opens up the crest of the mountains Hauser Hall in its entire stretch from west to east.

Transport links

Northwest of the hall Hauser mountains runs from Grevenbrück in Elspebachtal the federal highway 55, the main road 737 branches off from the at Oedingen to the east. The latter is true in Schmallenberg on the highway 236, which runs along the Lenne about westward to Lenne city and then northwestward to located at Grevenbrück connections to the B 55; the federal highways connecting the L 715 ( Meggen-Elspe/Oberelspe ) in the west of the mountain. From the L 736 in the north-south direction, among others, along the western sliding Erbach leading through the mountains L branches 928 ( Bracht - Gleierbrück ). In its eastern part of the county road 25, which connects with the L 737 Werpe about Harbecke with the B236 leads, in northeast-southwest direction through the mountains. Just east of the mountain passes in the valleys of Leiße (northwest) and Eastern sliding Erbach (southeast), the Federal Highway 511, which joins the aforementioned highways between Frielinghausen and Gleidorf together.


Jürgen mountain from the northeast