Saatchi Gallery

The Saatchi Gallery is a contemporary art gallery in London, which was opened in 1985 by Charles Saatchi. The passionate lovers of art made ​​so that his extensive collection to the wider audience.


From 1985 to 2002, the gallery was housed in an old paint factory in North London, since then it has changed twice the location. In spring 2003, Saatchi moved with his collection in the former headquarters of London's Parliament, the County Hall on the Thames, which he gave up in 2006 after disagreements with the Japanese landlord again. On 9 October 2008, the gallery was reopened with an exhibition area of ​​50,000 m² in the former headquarters of the Duke of York, it is in the King's Road in Chelsea district near the metro station Sloane Square. Entry to all exhibitions is free for visitors.

Saatchi's role in the art world is highly controversial. She oscillates between admiration of his artistic foresight and the suspicion of deliberate manipulation in the context of his career as an advertising magnate. Additional property artists include representatives of the Young British Artists, was not involved in their establishment insignificant as a group Saatchi, as Jake and Dinos Chapman, Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin, David Batchelor and Jenny Saville, but also German artists such as Franz Ackermann, Jörg Immendorff, Matthias Wei, Jonathan Meese, Albert Oehlen and Julian Rosenfeldt. Sensation was an exhibition of Young British Artists from 1997, which was paid from the collection of Charles Saatchi and attracted great attention.

The gallery was visited at County Hall annually by about 600,000 people. She was visited by 2006 of 1,000 school classes.

On 24 May 2004, a fire destroyed many works. The damage is estimated at £ 50 million.

Your Gallery - Saatchi Online

Since 2006, under the name Saatchi Online, a virtual art gallery - is the largest virtual art market for artists, art dealers and museums - according to the FAZ.

The virtual gallery (Your Gallery ) recorded approximately 80,000 exhibitors, but are not professional artists for the most part in March 2008. Any interested person may be set up there with his work, a free Internet presence.

4 New Sensations student prize

4 New Sensations is a first conferred in April 2007 by Channel 4 and the Saatchi Gallery Art Prize at Art students. It is endowed with £ 3,000.