Saatlen is a district in the Swiss city of Zurich in Zone 12 ( Schwamendingenstrasse ). With the quarters Schwamendingenstrasse middle and Hirzenbach Saatlen forms the urban district 12


Beginning of the forties of the last century, the project of the garden city was planned in the area Au / Auzelg. Due to the large housing shortage in the city center partial expropriations have been made to provide the families with many children simple houses with conspicuous tuft additions and large gardens available. Disparaging this settlement was also called by the richer burghers " Negro Doerfli ".

The A1 motorway opened in 1981 separated the quarters Saatlen completely from the other quarters Schwamendinger Hirzenbach and Schwamendingenstrasse center. The planned 2012 and approved roofing of extending this motorway is to defuse this problem partially.

Although the district to Schwamendingenstrasse heard the majority of the population is aligned since depending on Oerlikon. From there, the post office and public transport comes Saatlen connect with the Oerlikon train station.

Local structure

To the north lies the settlement Auzelg. In addition to the buildings described above, there is a large area with many allotments, which form the border of the communities Opfikon and Wallisellenstrasse.

In the southeast the A1 motorway runs and forms the border with the district Schwamendinger Schwamendingenstrasse center. The CHP plant supplies Aubrugg Zurich Nord district heating. The settlement tricorn with many Genossenschaftsbauten in the south of the neighborhood was built in the fifties of the last century. To the northwest is the waste incineration Hagenholz. She is like the CHP Aubrugg from far away. The Riedgrabenweg make up the western border of the area of ​​Oerlikon.

Religious communities

Reformed inhabitants belong to the Protestant Reformed. Parish Saatlen that emerged in 1966 from a division of the parish Schwamendingenstrasse. To her almost 1,600 members include (as of 2008 ). The Roman Catholic inhabitants belong, they live in Saatlen, to the parish of the Sacred Heart Oerlikon. Stay at the Auzelg, they belong to the parish St.Gallus in Schwamendingenstrasse. Active in the district is also the Salvation Army. Finally, the number of Muslims in recent years has increased significantly.


Private transport

In the southeast of the district the A1 motorway, the branches at this point, over bridges to Winterthur and Kloten runs. The heavily traveled overland, Wallisellenstrasse, Aubrugg and Hagenholzstrasse also shape the image of the neighborhood. Saatlen is traffic-calmed by nationwide Tempo 30 zones as the other Schwamendinger quarters.

Public transportation

Bus lines 45 ( Auzelg - Bahnhof Oerlikon ), 79 ( Auzelg - Schwamendingerplatz ), 63 ( Schwamendingerplatz - Bahnhof Oerlikon ) and 94 ( Glatt shopping center - Bahnhof Oerlikon ) open up Saatlen with the surrounding neighborhoods and communities.

Although coming from Winterthur ago and leading according to Oerlikon train crosses the line north of the district, but its own stop does not exist.

The December 2006 circulating Glattalbahn connects the district with Zurich North.