The Sabines (Latin Sabini ) were objects descending from the Umbrian people in the Sabine mountains of the Apennines. The people were a part of the Indo-European Sabellians in central Italy. They were close neighbors of the Romans. At the beginning of the 5th century BC, they made for Rome is one of the main threats because they were the Via Salaria Rome dominated and directly threaten. They received 268 BC the Roman citizenship, after they had fallen 290 BC finally under the rule of the Romans.

According to the ancient Roman legend, the Sabines were the original inhabitants of the Quirinal (one of the seven hills of Rome ) and were approximately 750 BC, first united under their king Titus Tatius a Doppelkönigtum and the Roman king Romulus with the populus Romanus. The Sabines are known. Among others by the traditional Livy legend of the Rape of the Sabines, in which is reported as the wives and daughters of the Sabines were stolen shortly after the founding of the city of Rome, because there were too few women in Rome

Cities of Sabinerreiches were among other Cures, Amiternum, Reate, Nomentum, Nursia, Orvinium and Eretum.

From the tribal designation Sabines, the female first name Sabine and Roman cognomen Sabinus derived.

Famous Sabine Numa Pompilius were, Titus Tatius, Ancus Marcius and Attius clausus.