Saboria is an East Timorese place Aldeia and Suco in the subdistrict Aileu Vila (District Aileu ).

The place

The place Saboria located south of the Sucos, at an altitude of 1172 m. Here is the basic school of Sucos, the Escola Primaria Saboria.

The Suco

In Saboria 713 inhabitants (2010, 2004: 699 ). About 60 % of the population give Tetum Prasa as their native language. Almost 40 % speak Mambai.

The Suco located in the northeast of the sub-district Aileu and has an area of ​​22.14 km ². To the west lies the Suco Aissirimou, south and east of the Suco Fahiria. In the north Saboria adjacent to the sub-district Laulara with its Sucos Cotolau and Talitu and on the northeast by the subdistrict Remexio with its Sucos Acumau and Fahisoi. Due to the north of the river Rureda, who later became the western boundary follows flows. Once the Berecau flows into it from the west, the river is called Berecali. When you place Saboria the southern border river empties into the Huituco Berecali. The rivers belong to the system of the Northern laclo.

In Suco are the three aldeias Bermanuleu, Lerulete and Saboria.


Beginning of September 1999 destroyed during the crisis in East Timor militia members of the AHI ( Aku Hidup dengan Integrasi / Indonesia) systematically more Sucos in Aileu, including Saboria on September 7. Houses were burned and killed the livestock.


In the elections of 2004/2005 João Araújo Lequi was elected Chefe de Suco. In the 2009 elections, Leonito Martins P. Araujo won.