Sabrina: The Animated Series

Hey presto Sabrina ( Sabrina: The Animated Series ) is an American animated television series based on the sitcom Sabrina - totally bewitched! based. The first broadcast of the series took place in the United States on 6 September 1999, in Germany on 19 November 2000.


The plot of abracadabra Sabrina plays four years before the sitcom Sabrina - totally bewitched.

Sabrina goes to Greendale Middle School, in which her ​​friends Chloe Flan and Harvey Kinkle and her adversary Gemini Stone go. In the series it is focused around the typical problems within the middle school, mixed with Sabrina's first experience in dealing with their magical powers.

The third season, which first aired in the U.S. from 2003 to 2004 and in Germany in 2004, tells the story two years after the events of " abracadabra Sabrina ". It is based on the film for the animated series. Thus, it is an offshoot.


Sabrina Spellman

Sabrina is the main character of the series. It is a twelve- year-old half witch in the " mortal world " (as the witches ordinary people call ) lives. Sabrina is a half witch, because her father ( Edward) is a warlock, and her mother ( also Sabrina ) but a mortal. Since Sabrina's mother is staying as an archaeologist abroad and Sabrina's father lives in the underworld, Sabrina lives with her ​​aunts Hilda and Zelda, her uncle and the Quigley turned into a hangover Warlock Salem. Together they live in a house in the fictional town of Greendale.

Sabrina visited the Greendale Middle School. There she has - as elsewhere in public - hide their magical powers, what you is not always easy especially because of Gem Stones provocations.

Hilda Spellman

Hilda is Sabrina's aunt; she is the sister of Zelda and Sabrina's father. She's a witch at the age of 600 years. For the use of their magical powers, she was punished by Hexenrat and must now live in the body of a teenager.

As a template for Hilda's appearance was Victoria Beckham.

Zelda Spellman

Zelda is Sabrina's aunt; she is the sister of Hilda and Sabrina's father. She's a witch, whose age is not mentioned explicitly, but it is older than Hilda. Also Zelda was punished by Hexenrat and must be in the body of a teenager living.


Quigley is Sabrina's uncle; He is the brother of Sabrina's mother and taking care of the household. He has accordingly no magical abilities. Quigley is very obese, suffers from hair loss and maintains several bizarre hobbies in botany. He cares about Sabrina because their aunts yes are again a minor legally.


Salem is a warlock, which was occupied by Hexenrat for the misuse of his magic powers with the penalty to life in the body of a black cat. He has a sarcastic and I -related traits.

Chloe Flan

Chloe is Sabrina's school mate and best friend. In addition, she is the only non-family person that knows that Sabrina and her aunts are witches.

Harvey Kinkle

Harvey Kinkle is a thoughtful boy with an Alien t-shirt, which he wears in the second season. He has brown hair and green eyes. In the spin-off, it is significantly sassy and confident, and the hairs are not as dark. He also has a special wire for Sabrina, since the two teens have been friends since early childhood. Whether there is more, is still unclear. But is Sabrina's affection towards Harvey always particularly clear when Gem wants to put between the two. Otherwise, Harvey is a bright skaters, which sometimes can be a bit gullible and easily influenced, however. He knows nothing of Sabrina's witch - forces.

Gem ( ini) Stone

The name Gem Stone comes from the fact that they, something Prohibitive (ie something like a precious stone) for their parents, who are both businessmen. She gets no love from their parents and therefore goes with Harvey, Chloe and Sabrina to very hard-hearted and selfish. She is conceited and the richest girl in Greendale. They often use their wealth to require the production of paid support schoolwork.


She is the queen of the witches and the underworld of Greendale. In the first two seasons it is a relatively young and tall woman with black hair, while it is significantly aged in the second season and walking around in the purple dress of damsels. She is very strict, but also even to " mere mortals " who accidentally or deliberately (to save Sabrina example ) is added to the underworld into it, just.


She is the niece of Enchantra pretty common. She is stubborn and thinks they would already do their " own thing ". In the series, but it is less common than in the film (though they still called Portia in the film), and is therefore "punished" rare. It occurs only in the third and final season.


Maritza seems like Cassandra only in the third season. She is an African-American woman with auburn waist-length dreadlocks, which she tied in a ponytail. It is the most militant among Sabrina's friends and quickly becomes furious when her or Sabrina happens to injustice.


She was the most evil witch in the underworld. She initially done with goblins together to enforce their racist plans against the witches and wizards. She wanted to transform the entire underworld in stone. But when the goblins by Sabrina, Harvey and Maritza learned that they were exploited only by Olivia and then they began to rebel, the chief goblin used ( with white hair ) a magic mirror and turned them himself into a rock. She only appears in the episode " Spell ecology".