Sabugal Municipality

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Sabugal is a municipality and city ( Cidade ) in Portugal with 1901 inhabitants (as at 30 June 2011). It is part of the speech de Judiarias, an association of places with historically significant Jewish communities, among others, operate a joint tourism marketing. The place Sortelha also is one of the historic villages ( aldeias Históricas de Portugal) in the district of Sabugal.


The city is located in the area of ​​the river Côa with its archaeological sites of the Parque Archaeological do Vale do Côa. In the urban area there are traces of human habitation to the Neolithic period. Many are the finds from the Bronze Age, and Iron Age various fortifications, metal and ceramic objects are preserved.

The whole area experienced in the centuries after the Roman occupation of a checkered history and was once Moorish times it belonged to the Kingdom of León, and sometimes it was Portuguese, making it since the Treaty of Alcañices 1297 formally and after numerous Castilian attacks to 1393 is then remained in effect.

In the course of administrative renewals Sabugal receives from King Manuel administrative rights ( " Foral " ) and modernized fortifications.

On April 3, 1811 British and Portuguese troops defeated here the Napoleonic invasion army and drove out the French with this victory finally from Portugal.

With the administrative reforms of the mid- 19th century the county ( concelho ) was created in 1855 by Sabugal, were in the 40 municipalities ( Freguesias ) summarized, including the former individual circles Alfaiates, Vila do Touro, Sortelha and Vilar Maior.


The circle

Sabugal is the seat of an eponymous district, which borders to the east with Spain. The neighboring districts are (counter - clockwise starting in the north ): Almeida, Guarda, Belmonte, Fundão, and Penamacor.

The following parishes ( freguesias ) lying in circle Sabugal:

  • Águas Belas
  • Aldeia da Ponte
  • Aldeia da Ribeira
  • Aldeia de Santo António
  • Aldeia do Bispo
  • Aldeia Velha
  • Alfaiates
  • Badamalos
  • Baraçal
  • Bendada
  • Bismula
  • Casteleiro
  • Cerdeira do Côa
  • Forcalhos
  • Lajeosa
  • Lomba
  • Malcata
  • Moita
  • Nave
  • Pena Lobo
  • Pousafoles do Bispo
  • Quadrazais
  • Quinta de São Bartolomeu
  • Rapoula do Côa
  • Rebolosa
  • Rendo
  • Ruivos
  • Ruvina
  • Sabugal
  • Santo Estêvão
  • Seixo do Côa
  • Sortelha
  • Souto
  • Vale das Éguas
  • Vale de Espinho
  • Vale Longo
  • Vila Boa
  • Vila do Touro
  • Vilar Maior


Sons and daughters

  • Manuel António Pina (1943 - 2012), journalist and writer
  • Joaquim Sapinho (born 1964 ), film director and producer