Sacramento Mountains (New Mexico)


Views of the Tularosa Basin from the Sacramento Mountains

The Sacramento Mountains are a mountain range in New Mexico. Make the transition between two geologic provinces of North America represents the Great Plains in the east and the Basin and Range province to the west, whose easternmost grave breach represents the Tularosa Basin west of the mountains.

The expansion of the range is 168 km from north to south and 200 km from east to west direction. It consists of several mountains, the highest of which is the Sierra Blanca with the Sierra Blanca Peak ( 3649 m). In the west, the mountains rise to a steep escarpment, while slowly setting in the west to the Great Plains of the High Plains.

A large part of the mountain is located in the Lincoln National Forest a National Forest. Also located in the Sacramento Mountains, the reserve of the Mescalero and the Sunspot Observatory ( National Solar Observatory and Apache Point Observatory ).