Sacramento River

Catchment area of the Sacramento River

Estuary of the Sacramento River

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The Sacramento is 607 kilometers, the longest river in the U.S. state of California.

The stream originates southwest of Mount Shasta in the southern part of the Cascade Range and flows through the plains of the Sacramento Valley, before he finally brings together about 50 kilometers south of Sacramento in the Bay of Suisun with the San Joaquin River and the Carquinez Strait in the bays flows of San Pablo and San Francisco. The most important tributaries of the Sacramento are the Feather River, and the Pit River, the latter of which is the longest with a length of 176 kilometers McCloud River.

The Sacramento is upriver navigable for nearly 300 miles to Red Bluff; for ocean-going vessels, the limit is the city of Sacramento. Marine species such as gray whales and sea lions get lost in search of food sometimes far into the interior behind the navigable part of the river and not later find their way back into the Pacific.

In Shasta Lake of Sacramento is dammed in the Shasta Dam.

Cities along the river

  • Redding
  • Red Bluff
  • Chico ( nearby)
  • Sacramento
  • Rio Vista
  • Hamilton