SAF is the abbreviation for

  • Association of the plasterers for finishing and facade
  • Astronomique Société de France, founded in 1887 Astronomical Society of France
  • ( 4162 ) SAF, an asteroid of the main belt
  • SAF AG, a Swiss software company
  • SAF- Holland, a manufacturer of axles for truck trailers
  • Santa Fe Municipal Airport, north of Santa Fe, New Mexico - International Airport Code
  • Satellite Application Facility, Satellite Application Centre of the European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites ( EUMETSAT )
  • Sauerland Action Front, a neo-Nazi group in North Rhine -Westphalia
  • Astronomique Société de France
  • Somatoform autonomic dysfunction as a collective term for symptoms that are associated with the patient specific organs, but not enough organic justified are
  • South Asian Federation, the organization, the South Asian Federation Games organized the
  • City center by the river, urban project
  • Sudan People's Armed Forces, the northern Sudanese Armed Forces
  • Submerged Arc ( - resistance) furnace, an electrically operated smelting reduction furnace as a special form of electric arc furnaces, in which the electrode is immersed in the burden and the heating power is generated by either the electrical resistance of the burden, or arcs.
  • South German automobile factory in Gaggenau (Süddeutsche Automobile Factory) adopted in 1910 by Benz & Cie.
  • Supercritical Angle Fluorescence, a microscopic method in the natural sciences
  • Arbetsgivareföreningen Svenska - Swedish Employers' Confederation
  • Svenska automotive factories, former Swedish car manufacturer
  • Syrian Arab Football Association, the Football Association of Syria
  • System Authorization Facility security interface of the mainframe operating system MVS
  • See attached file (s ), a term from the network jargon
  • Sodium acetate - Acetic acid - formalin or " sodium acetate - acetic acid - formalin ", a solution for the detection of protozoa in fecal samples
  • SAF, brand name of the former French automobile manufacturer Ateliers du furan
  • Signal matched filter, a special filter from the communications technology for noise reduction
  • Sir Alex Ferguson, the longtime manager of Manchester United
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