Safety (gridiron football score)

A Safety is a point gain of two points by the Defense in American Football.

The defending team scores a safety when:

  • It stops the ball carrier from the attacking team ( offense ) in its own end zone, or it leaves the end zone on the touch line or end line. This is not true when he gave the ball during the kick -off until the end zone catches ( touchback )
  • The ball after a fumble in the end zone rolling out the game or conquered by the attacking team ball carrier in his own end zone, but is not carried out again or
  • Within the end zone of the attacking team carried out various field penalties against the attacking team.

After Safety is the game with a free kick, was spotted by the team against which continued from its own 20 - yard line. Here, the ball is put into play by a punt, a place kick (like the kickoff, but without the support of a Kicking tea) or a drop kick.

The Safety is often confused with the so-called Touchback, in which the defending team gains within their own end zone in possession of the ball and the end zone does not leave. Here it reserves the right of attack and starts at their own 20 -yard line.

From the referee Safety is indicated by another held palms over your head.

Intentional Safety

Since the opponent scores the Safety, one tries to avoid it. But there are game situations in which an intentional Safety (english intentional safety ) may be useful.

  • If one is nearing own end zone and leads with more than two points. An intentional Safety brings the enemy "only" two points, instead of risking a risky move a touchdown ( six points ) and a field goal ( three points).
  • If one is nearing own end zone, has already consumed three downs and fears that the own Punt could be blocked. Here, we speculated that the successful end to the Safety Free kick from the 20 yard line takes a good starting position. Our own Defense must then quickly stop the opposing offense.

A notable intentional Safety occurred on October 5, 2009 at the Green Bay Packers game against the Minnesota Vikings. At the score of 28:14 for Minnesota tackelte the defensive end of the Vikings, Jared Allen, the quarterback of the Packers, Aaron Rodgers, and snatched the football at Green Bay's 1- yard line. Packers coach Mike McCarthy convinced the referee that Rodgers would have come in the end zone to case, so that Minnesota " only" with a Safety completed the turn. The game ended 30:23 for the Vikings.

A combination of the above factors was in the Super Bowl XLVII of the case, as the Baltimore Ravens leading by five points in twelve seconds of game time their punter Sam Koch ran intentionally with ball in the corner of the end zone in the fourth down. The opposing San Francisco 49ers had to the Safety Although only three points behind, but after the following Freekick of cooking they had no chance to get the ball in field goal near.