Safety Last!

  • Harold Lloyd: The boy
  • Mildred Davis: The girl
  • Bill Strother: The friend (Bill)
  • Noah Young: policeman
  • Westcott B. Clarke: Mr. Stubbs ( Head of Department )
  • Mickey Daniels: newsboy
  • Helen Gilmore: customer

Ironically skyscraper! (also: Security does not matter) is an American silent film comedy from Hal Roach from 1923 particularly famous, the film is a scene that went down in the history of film. leading actor Harold Lloyd hanging on the hand of a giant clock in the upper floors of a skyscraper, far below him the road.


To finally to get rich and be able to marry " the girl " pulls " the boy " in the big city. But he has no luck. " The girl ," he writes, he was a successful businessman, but in truth he only works as a salesman behind the counter in a big department store. As " the girl " announces to want to visit him, he tries by all means, but still fast to get money. He hears in the office of the Managing Director chance that this auslobt a premium of $ 1000 for those employees who has an idea on how the department store in the city is famous and comes to new customers.

" The boy " persuaded his friend Bill, an experienced climber to climb in an announced demonstration at the roof of the twelve -story skyscraper. However, this has trouble with the police, so that " the boy " itself must climb up the first two floors, to hand over his jacket and his hat to Bill so that it continues to climb for him. While Bill is, however, chased up by a policeman floor by floor of the building, must continue climbing " the boy ", always in the hope that it may be conformed replaced. Numerous unexpected obstacles like hungry pigeons, a falling tennis net and a biting dog make for dangerous scenes and some near- crashes, but all are mastered. This is also where the famous scene in the film in which " the boy " out of balance and can just hold on to the hand of a big clock mounted on the facade. Finally, he climbs to the top, and at the end he gets " the girl " that is waiting for him above.


The movie was filmed without special effects, in part dizzying height, and is thus also a witness reckless -art film production as well as the " sprouting out of the ground " in New York City in the 1920s skyscraper culture - but also symbolically charged: "Hardly anyone has the Skyscraper congenial as the prototypical American success symbol staged as Harold Lloyd. The rise of his hero here is an actual Gipfelbezwingung, and plays the time over clearly staged, the all-important factor. Time is Money "



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