6.853.65Koordinaten: 6 ° 51 'N, 3 ° 39 ' E

Sagamu is a town in the Nigerian state of Ogun and is located in southwestern Nigeria. According to an estimate from 2007, it has 228 382 inhabitants.

Of importance for the economy Shagamus are the limestone quarrying and trading of agricultural products such as cocoa and kola nuts. The city was founded in the 19th century and controlled the trade routes between the port cities in the Niger Delta and the Yorubaland until it fell at the end of the 19th century under British rule. Especially since the 1950s, the situation Shagamus between Ibadan and Lagos leads to a strong growth.

Sagamu and its environs constitute one of the 20 Local Government Areas ( LGA ) of Ogun State with an area of ​​613.92 km ². In the previous 1991 census, the LGA had 155 726 inhabitants and thus a population density of 254 inhabitants per km ². In the city itself 127 513 inhabitants were counted.


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