Saheb-ol-Amr Mosque

The Saheb ol Amr Mosque (Persian مسجد صاحب الامر masjed -e Saheb ol Amr ) is located on the Saaheb - Aabaad Square in the western Iranian city of Tabriz. The name Saheb ol Amr ( " commander " ) is one of the titles of the last Imam of Twelvers, Muhammad al -Mahdi, from which a messianic return is expected.


The mosque was originally built in 1636 by the Safavid king Tahmasp I.. Only two years later, in 1638, the building was by the Ottoman ruler Murad IV destroyed when these invaded Tabriz. As the Persian forces were aware of the control of the city safe again, the mosque was rebuilt - but it soon destroyed by a major earthquake again. As a result, the gesamzte court and the mosque was rebuilt under the direction of Goli Khan Danbali. The mosque was henceforth called Saheb ol Amr.

In 1850 renewed Mirza Ali Akbar Khan, the interpreter in Russian consulate was, some parts of the dome and added in the hallway mirror, he also built a school in the mosque.