Sahiwal ( Urdu: ساہیوال ), formerly Montgomery, is a city in the Punjab (Pakistan ).


Sahiwal lies approximately 180 km south-west of Lahore. It is the largest city between Lahore and Multan. The population is 207,388 ( census 1998). When she was named in 1865 after Sir Robert Montgomery, then Vice- Governor of the Punjab Montgomery, she was still a small village on the railway Karachi - Lahore. The present name - Sahiwal - the city received in 1966 after the first inhabitants, the Sahis from the tribe of Jatts.

The city is located in the densely populated area between the rivers Sutlej and Ravi. About 18 miles southwest of Sahiwal is Harappa, the ancient center of the Indus culture. About 28 miles ( 45 km) west of Sahiwal, at Kamalia the city, the Malli, the 325 was conquered by Alexander the Great before Christ was. (1998 ) City, 207 388.


The climate of the district Sahiwal is characterized by extremes: temperatures range from 52 ° C in summer to 5 ° C in winter. The soil of the district is very fertile. The average rainfall is 2000 mm.


Sahiwals economy consists mainly of small businesses: cotton ginning and pressing, tanning of leather, manufacture of cotton yarns and fabrics, garments, leather products, pharmaceuticals. There are also flour and oil mills, food processing and other agricultural products. From Sahiwal comes a particularly productive cattle breed, the Sahiwal cattle.

The main agricultural products of the Sahiwal district are wheat, cotton, sugarcane, maize and rice. Main fruits are citrus, mangoes and guavas.

The Company KSC, a manufacturer of electrical equipment produces kettle, water coolers, air coolers, fans and washing machines.

Health service

The district hospital of Sahiwal is the largest hospital in the city. There has been a nursing school and also offers laboratory courses. Many doctors of the city have served here. However, the medical possibilities, especially special emergency equipment, are often not available, and patients are referred to hospitals in the provincial capital Lahore.