Sahrawi peseta

1 EUR = 166.386 Pts (fix)

1 EUR = 166.386 Pts 100 Pts = 0.601 EUR

1 CHF = 136.36 Pts 100 Pts = 0.7334 CHF

The Sahrawi peseta since the Madrid Agreement on the political status of Western Sahara from November 25, 1975 nominally the currency of the only partially internationally recognized state Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic. It is divided into 100 Céntimos, however, there are neither coins nor notes of this subunit.

Since the territory of Western Sahara is largely controlled by Morocco, is the common currency in circulation, the Moroccan Dirham. In the south circulated to a lesser extent the Mauritanian Ouguiya.

Since it is not the currency of a fully internationally recognized state and its distribution is limited to a relatively small area under control of the Polisario, the exchange rate has only symbolic. In the Madrid Agreement, the parity has been written to the Spanish peseta, since the latter was replaced by the euro, the rate is 1 € = 166.386 or 100 Pts Pts = € 0.6010.

Mint for everyday use were issued by the Polisario. The coins are made of a copper -nickel alloy and exist in the value of stages 1, 2, 5 and 50 pesetas.

It issued numerous commemorative coins to collectors purposes, two of which are shown as examples:

40,000 pesetas (gold), the 15th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations with Venezuela