Saint Agnes (disambiguation)

One of the saints named Agnes

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St. Agnes is the name of several places:

  • St Agnes (Cornwall ), a town on the north coast of Cornwall
  • St. Agnes (Carinthia ), a place in Austria, north -east of peoples market

St. Agnes is the name of the following islands:

  • St Agnes (Isles of Scilly ), one of the Isles of Scilly

St. Agnes is he name of the following churches:

  • St. Agnes ( Angermund ), a church in the district of Düsseldorf Angermund
  • St. Agnes (Berlin), was a Catholic community with community center in Berlin- Kreuzberg, now the venue for the city services
  • St. Agnes (Hamburg), a church in Hamburg
  • St. Agnes ( Hamm ), a church in Hamm
  • St. Agnes (Cologne), a church in Cologne
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