The French town of Saint -Alban- sur -Limagnole is located in the Lozere department in the Languedoc- Roussillon region. The village with 1500 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2011) is located on the GR 65, which largely follows the historical course of the French Road to Santiago Via Podiensis.

Geography and transport

Saint -Alban- sur -Limagnole is located in the Massif Central and is the capital of the canton of the same name. The village lies on the Limagnole, a tributary of the Truyère on the edge of the margin Ride. The town grew up around the castle and church of Saint Alban, which was dedicated to the first English martyr. The next major French cities are Lyon ( 157 km) to the northeast, Toulouse ( 203 km) to the southwest, Bordeaux (314 miles) to the west and Montpellier ( 136 km) to the south. The nearest regional airport is the Airport Aurillac, with daily flights to Paris. About the A75 and the N122 it is about 120 road miles away. The nearest railway station is in Monistrol- d'Allier, approximately 42 kilometers north-east road. In Saint -Alban- sur -Limagnole the two departmental road D987 and D4 cross.


Originally Saint Alban was a feudal castle, which in the year 1245 is mentioned for the first time. In 1364 it was occupied by the British. In the Middle Ages it belonged to the lords of Gevaudan. In the 16th century a Renaissance castle is built in the form of an irregular quadrangle in the vicinity of the castle. The four corners are flanked by massive towers. The building is surrounded by a moat, a drawbridge over the route to the heart. The castle is now part of a psychiatric hospital.

Way of St. James ( Via Podiensis )

In Saint -Alban- sur -Limagnole there is next to the tourist information for hotels, restaurants, and several pilgrims' hostels (French gîte d' étape ). The nearest major town on the Camino de Santiago is Aumont -Aubrac on the border of Aubrac. Running there as a direct road link the D987.


  • The church of Saint -Alban

In the Romanesque church is clearly the influence of the Auvergne felt. Below the round roof of the apse are seen harmonious arcades. Between apse and nave an imposing bell tower was erected in 1891, carrying three bells in window-like openings of the tower. The interior of the church is of simple elegance. The nave consists of a rounded barrel vault. The two side chapels are later additions. The View of the apse shows five beautiful windows with round arches resting on pillars, whose capitals are decorated with griffins, sirens, and a centaur.

  • The Castle

The Castle of St. Alban was in the possession of the Barons of APCHIER and then by Baron de Morangiès serrated roller. Since 1824 it is used as a psychiatric center. It also houses the tourist information center.