Saint- Dizier is a city in France. Saint- Dizier is the capital of the eponymous arrondissement Saint- Dizier in the west of the department of Haute -Marne, in the Champagne -Ardenne region.

With 24,825 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2011 38 086 in the metropolitan area, which extends up to the département of Meuse) Saint- Dizier is the largest city of the department.


Saint- Dizier is on the river Marne, who is also the Canal entre Champagne et Bourgogne ( dt: Canal between Champagne and Burgundy ) feeds. This is - by taking advantage of other rivers and canals - a navigable route from the Paris area allows to the Mediterranean.

About ten kilometers west of the city is the largest reservoir in France, the Lac du Der -Chantecoq.


In 1544, after the nearby town of Vitry -le- François had been destroyed by the armies of Charles V, gave Saint -Dizier during six months the attacks of the enemy was. According to legend, King Francis I called later the inhabitants of Saint -Dizier as braves gars, Brave guys. From this expression derives the nickname of the inhabitants, Bragards, from.



Saint- Dizier was at first only a chief town of a canton of the arrondissement Wassy. When this was dissolved in 1926, the city came to the district Chaumont. In 1940 the district was restored as capital of Saint- Dizier was set instead Wassy.


The arrondissement Saint -Dizier has 11 cantons, 114 communes and 78 808 inhabitants. The city itself is divided into four cantons, but it itself is only the capital of three of these cantons:

  • Canton of Saint- Dizier- Centre, which comprises only one part Saint- Diziers with 14,547 inhabitants.
  • Canton of Saint- Dizier- Nord-Est, 3 municipalities and 8,130 inhabitants.
  • Canton of Saint- Dizier- Ouest, whose main town Éclaron - Braucourt -Sainte- Livière is 9 municipalities and 10,654 inhabitants.

In Hallignicourt west of Saint- Dizier is located with the base aérienne 113 Saint- Dizier- Robinson an important base for the French Air Force.


  • André Pirro (* 1869), musicologist
  • Jacques Gaillot (* 1935) this, from 1982 bis 1995 years of Catholic Bishop of Evreux
  • André Isoir ( born 1935 in Saint- Dizier ), organist
  • Jean -Paul Penin ( b. 1949 ), conductor
  • Régis Laconi (* 1975), motorcycle racer
  • From architect Hector Guimard (1867-1942) are preserved several Art Nouveau balconies in the city.


  • Parchim, Germany