Saint Emeric of Hungary

Emmerich or Imre (c. 1000/1007, † September 2, 1031 ) was a Hungarian prince, son of Stephen I and Gisela, a Bavarian princess.

In the chronicles he is called Henry or Henricus and Emericus. Probably this was his original name, which he had after his uncle, Henry II the Holy obtained and the Latinized to Emericus from the same major Haim Rich or Haimeric and was in German or about Emmerich Emerich.

In the Roman Catholic Church he is venerated as a saint.


The legends say that Emmerich was an extremely religious nature of education Bishop Gellért. Practiced asceticism to have been daily routine in the life of the young prince; he shall not slept much, have instead been out all night reading or praying. He also is said to have vowed to preserve his innocence, and have complied with this even after his marriage.

Emmerich has reached the only son Stephen adulthood. According to chronicles, he married - in accordance to the wishes of his father - but further information about his marriage are scarce. He is said to have around 1026 the daughter of Kresimir, a Croatian prince geehelicht. In contrast, other sources mention the unknown daughter of Miesko, a Polish prince.

His father, Stephen, tried to prepare Emmerich's government well. Stephan realized how Emperor Constantine also an exhortation entitled " de institutione morum " for his son together. These included, inter alia, Advice, wisdom and commandments. This document was later incorporated into the general " Corpus Juris ".

After Stephan had concluded peace with the Germans, he wished in his own lifetime, the co-regency of his son and called together the nobles to be crowned him. But Emmerich died on September 2, 1031 unexpectedly, presumably because of a wound he had sustained on the hunt for a wild boar attack. His life has been the source of various heroic sagas. To his grave in Székesfehérvár pilgrimage people shortly after his death.

King Ladislaus operation canonization Emmerichs. This took place on November 5, 1083 ( by the collection of bones ) together with that of his father by Pope Gregory VII. His memorial day is November 4th in Germany, Hungary, November 5. In the illustrations, it is usually a young knight with a lily as an attribute.

He was the namesake for 12 Hungarian villages and indirectly for America because Amerigo is the Italian version of Emerich