Saint-Gilles, Belgium


Saint- Gilles (French ) or Sint -Gillis (Dutch ) is a Belgian municipality in the center of Brussels-Capital bilingual region. It has 49 492 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2012) to only 2.5 km ². It is bordered immediately to the south of the old city of Brussels (Porte de Hal / Hallepoort ), also to the likewise belonging to the Brussels-Capital Region municipalities Ixelles / Elsene, Forest / Vorst and Anderlecht.

In Saint-Gilles/Sint-Gillis is the Brussels South Station ( Gare de Bruxelles-Midi/Brussel-Zuidstation ), the main railway station of the city. On today still preserved, but classicist romantic largely alienated former city gate to Halle (Porte de Hal / Hallepoort ) the Chaussée de Waterloo / Water Loose Steenweg, the main shopping street begins from Saint-Gilles, which leads to the suburb in the south of Brussels. Here is the church, which gave the name of the community. Worth seeing are on the Town Hall and the Art Nouveau residential area, where the Museum of Photography Contretype Photographic is located in the Art Nouveau building Hôtel Hannon.

The district is well served by public transport, this is where the subway line 2 (stations Louiza, Munthof, Porte de Hal / Hallepoort and Zuidstation ) and the pre- Metro Line 3 (stations Albert, Horta, Saint- Gilles / Sint- Gillis, Hallepoort and Zuidstation ), as well as trams No. 18, 48, 81, 82, 91 and 92

In the south of the municipality there are two large prisons.


  • Art Nouveau buildings, partly in the border area of St. Gilles, Ixelles and Forest:
  • The strikingly large hall (→ Lage50.824544.345679 )
  • The Church of St. Gilles ( → Lage50.8305574.343847 )
  • Like a castle designed facade of the city prison (→ Lage50.8223094.346781 )

City Hall of St. Gilles

Hôtel Hannon

9 Rue Dejaer

Prison of St. Gilles

Sons and daughters of the town

  • André Cluysenaar (1872-1939), Belgian painter
  • Georges Kaeckenbeeck (1892-1973), lawyer and politician Belgian UN
  • Willem Pauwels (1910-2005), Belgian artists