Saint-Laurent Nuclear Power Plant


Active reactors ( gross ):

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The nuclear power plant Saint -Laurent (French Centrale Nucléaire de Saint -Laurent -des- Eaux ) is located in the French town of Saint -Laurent- Nouan in the Centre region in the department of Loir -et- Cher. The nuclear power plant, which consists of two pressurized water reactors and two in 1990 and 1992 respectively disused UNGG reactors, located some 30 kilometers from Orléans on the left bank of the Loire.

Key data

The nuclear power plant is operated by the French company Electricité de France (EDF). It employs about 670 people. The reactors are cooled by two cooling towers and the Loire water withdrawn.

The two still operating pressurized water reactors have a net power output of 915 megawatts ( MW) and a gross capacity of 956 MW. The two disused UNGG reactors had a net capacity of 480 and 515 megawatts ( MW) and a gross capacity of 500 and 530 MW. The performance of the two pressurized water reactors is summed up 1830 MW (gross 1912 MW); thus counts the nuclear power plant to the smaller in France. Every year, it feeds an average of 12 billion kilowatt hours into the public power grid; representing about 75 percent of the annual electricity consumption of the Centre region.

Construction of the first reactor block was on October 1, 1963, he went on 24 March 1969 in operation. The second reactor block was put into operation on October 9, 1971. The two were shut down in 1990 or 1992. With the construction of the two newer reactors began in 1976, they went into operation in 1981. The closure of these reactors is planned for the year 2023.

Incidents, partial meltdowns

On October 17, 1969 uranium occurred at 50 kg for the loading of the graphite reactor core meltdown one. Only the terrain ( le site ) was contaminated; the population was not informed. 1969 this accident the level 4 was declared on the INES scale of the EdF as ' incident '.

On March 13, 1980 melted in the other UNGG reactor a fuel element. The damage led to contamination of the building. The reactor was then unavailable for the next two and a half years. This accident was by the French nuclear regulator ASN on the International Nuclear Event Scale Rating classified (INES ) with stage 4.

The two turned off UNGG reactors

The nuclear power plant

The nuclear power plant

Data of the reactor units

The nuclear power plant Saint Laurent has a total of four blocks: