Saint Lucia Amazon

Blue Mask (Amazona versicolor)

The Blue Mask (Amazona versicolor ) is a species of parrot from the subfamily of Neuweltpapageien, which is one of the most endangered Amazonenart. The ground color of the plumage of this 43 inches tall expectant Amazonenart is green. Name derives is the blue Kopfbefiederung: Both the forehead, the forehead and the eyes reins are violet-blue color. The region around the eyes, the ears and the cheeks are blue to blue-green pinnate against it. In contrast, sits down at the throat a red ribbon on the breast and belly are yellow green with occasional wine-red feathers.

Blue mask Amazons are restricted to the island of St. Lucia, a small island of the Lesser Antilles. Their habitat are primary forests in the mountains of St. Lucia, which are now shrunk by clearing an area of 65 to 70 square kilometers. In 1975, only 125 to 175 animals, the inventory number of blue mask Amazon. Through a strict protection status, the number of animals increased up to the early 1990s back to about 300 animals. Due to the small area of ​​distribution, however, this species is in danger of being destroyed by a disease outbreak or a natural disaster.