Saint- Pabu ( Breton Sant -Pabu ) is a municipality with 2028 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2011) in the Finistère department in Brittany in France. It is part of the canton Ploudalmézeau. The municipality belongs to the Communauté de communes du Pays des Abers.


Saint- Pabu is about 27 kilometers north- west of Brest right on the English Channel. East of Saint- Pabu is limited by the Aber Benoît. Neighboring municipalities are Landéda ( on the opposite bank of the Aber Benoît ) Plouguin and Lampaul- Ploudalmézeau.

On the offshore island of Ile Garo, which belongs to the municipality and on until the middle of the 20th century agriculture was operated, there are about 2000 years old grave sites.


The name Saint- Pabu derives from the Breton saints Tugdual. Saint- Pabu was from the 11th to the 13th century, the name of the place Tréguier in the department of Côtes -d'Armor.

1624 the Chapel Saint- Pabu was extended to the church, after the residents had complained about the painstaking church after Ploudalmézeau. 1889 a box containing 57 kg of Roman coins was found in the vicinity of the mansion Mesnaot, which date from the period 276-337. Likewise, three silver vases and ( previously ) bracelets to be rescued from gold.

On 14 January 2006, the congregation of the Charter Ya d' ar Brezhoneg to promote the Breton language joined.


  • The mansion Mesnaot. From the department of road D28, combines the Ploudalmézeau with Lannilis, is at the level of Benoît But to recognize a dovecote.
  • The dunes of Corn -Ar- Gazel is a FFH protected area for Natura 2000.