Saint Vincent Archabbey

The Abbey of St. Vincent in Latrobe (Pennsylvania ) / USA is the first monastery of the Benedictine Abbey in North America and mother of American Cassinensischen Benedictine congregation.


The monastery of St. Vincent was founded in 1846 by Fr Boniface Wimmer OSB from the Bavarian Metten Abbey as the first Benedictine monastery in the United States of America. Within just five years, the number of monks rose to over 100, so that the monastery was in 1855 raised to the abbey with Father Boniface Wimmer as the first Dept. It was followed by many daughter foundations, St. Vincent could become the parent monastery own congregation, so that it was in 1892 raised to the Archabbey.

The new monastery was talking of beginning a school and other educational institutions, from which emerged the Saint Vincent College and as a theological training center in the rank of a faculty, the Saint Vincent Seminary.

From the Abbey of St. Vincent founded Benedictine monasteries

These monasteries, which in turn first names are more start-ups, together in the 1855 American - built Cassinensischen Benedictine Congregation. First abbot of the Congregation for life was Boniface Wimmer.


  • Boniface Wimmer ( Upper 1846 / Abt 1855 / Erzabt 1883-1887 )
  • Andreas Hintenach 1888-1892
  • Leander Schnerr 1892-1918
  • Aurelius Stehle 1918-1930
  • Alfred Koch 1930-1951
  • Denis Strittmatter 1949-1963
  • Rembert Weakland 1963-1967
  • Egbert H. Donovan 1967-1979
  • Leopold Krul 1979-1983
  • Paul Regis Maher 1983-1990
  • Douglas R. Nowicki 1991 - ...