Saison (disambiguation)

The term season ( Fr. season "season", plural: Seasons, Seasons and Austrian ) denotes a recurring period of one year. Originally were inherent seasonal conditions, especially in agriculture (seeds, harvest) and in the construction industry as a condition of a season. For a long time the word is also used for intense times in hunting and fishing.

Today the season ruled diverse social and commercial areas. Examples thereof are

  • In the service industry, the tourist, leisure or bathing season (high and low season )
  • In sport, the time of competitions ( football or skiing season )
  • In the culture and entertainment industry, the opera, theater or movie season ( game time), and the season of showmen
  • In fashion the spring, summer, autumn or winter season.

Typical time periods with an intense activity in agriculture, for example,

  • The asparagus harvest in May and June with the marketing of restaurants and consumers,
  • The cherry harvest in June and July, with the further processing into juice and liqueur
  • The apricot harvest in the Wachau ( from July )
  • The grape harvest in late summer with simultaneous pressing,
  • The sugar campaign in the fall, at which the sugar beet harvest is brought in from the fields to the sugar factories.

For enterprises that operate year-round, therefore, not fully utilized, are set for the respective major periods of work traditionally as harvest workers more workers (so-called seasonal work).