IUCN Category II - National Park


The Saiwa Swamp National Park (English swamp " Moor " ) is located about 20 km northeast of Kitale in the Rift Valley Province of Kenya and covers an area of about three square miles of the smallest national park in the country.

It was to protect the swamp antelope built (Tragelaphus spekii ). In addition, there live more than 370 species of birds, monkeys, porcupines, otters, snakes and fish. It includes the lying on a small river swamp area and parts of the surrounding rainforest.

During the colonial period, the park was part of a farm and then was after the independence of Kenya - after the land was redistributed - a group of conservationists who initially declared it from 1973 to a bird sanctuary. In 1974, the park became a National Park to protect the swamp antelope.