The Sakmarium is in Earth's history, a chronostratigraphic stage of the Permian or the Cisuralium. The level ranges in absolute terms ( geochronological ) of about 295.5 million years to about 290.1 ​​million years. The Sakmarium following the Asselian and is detached from the Artinskian.

Naming and history

The Sakmarium is named in the Ural Mountains after the tributary of the Ural Sakmara. Stage and name were originally proposed by Alexander Karpinski 1874 as a subunit of the Artinskian.

Definition and GSSP

The beginning of the Sakmariums was placed postfusus on the basis of the first appearance of the conodont species Streptognathodus. The end of the stage has been reached with the first appearance of the conodont species Sweetognathus whitei and Mesogondolella bisselli. A GSSP (global valid type locality and type profile ) has not yet been ratified.