Sakura (Chiba)

Sakura (Japanese佐 仓 市, -shi, literally: auxiliary warehouse [NB 1] ) is a city in Japan. The city is located near Tokyo in Chiba Prefecture.


Sakura is an old castle town in which resided in the Tokugawa period in succession various daimyo families. As of 1746 the Daimyo of Hotta (堀 田) family took over 100,000 koku income the castle. After the Meiji Restoration, the castle fell into disrepair, only the ramparts are partly preserved. It now houses the National Museum of History and Folklore (国立 歴 史 民俗 博物馆).

Sakura received on 1 April 1954, the city right after the merger of the community Sakura (佐 仓 町, machi ) with another (臼 井 町) and 4 villages (志 津 村,根 郷 村,和 田村,弥 富 村) in the district of Imba.

To mark the 40th anniversary of the city of Sakura a polder windmill ( ground-sailer ) of concrete with brick cladding (earthquakes ), four storeys, Steertnachführung and bucket was there by the Dutch millwrights " Verbij Hoogmade BV " built. The windmill called De Liefde ( Love ) after the first Dutch sailing ship docked in 1600 on the coast of Japan and is widely visible on the southeastern shore of the Imbasees within the Sakura Furusato Park on a circular from a 6 m wide moat surrounded the artificial island.


  • Street: Higashikantō - highway to Tōkyō or Kashima
  • National roads 251, 296
  • Keisei Main Line, to Tokyo ( Ueno ) and Narita
  • JR Sobu main line, after Tokyo and Yokohama

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Shigeo Nagashima (baseball player)
  • Chū Asai (painter)

Adjacent Cities and Towns

  • Chiba
  • Yachiyo
  • Inzai
  • Yotsukaido
  • Yachimata