SAL stands for:

  • Safety Assurance Levels
  • SAL ( RC ), throwing technique in the model airplane (English: ' side- arm -launch ')
  • Oppenheim, as an abbreviation for Salomon
  • SAL, sterility criterion in pharmacy, sterility assurance level
  • San Salvador Airport to the IATA code
  • Scalable Application Language, a programming language developed by Gupta Technologies
  • Scandinavian America Line, transatlantic services the Danish shipping company DFDS
  • Schiffahrtskontor Altes Land, a heavy-lift shipping company
  • School of Applied Linguistics, Language School in Switzerland
  • Swiss Group for Speech Therapy
  • Seaboard Air Line Railroad, an American railway company
  • Signal exchange list specification for measurement and control
  • Società Automobili Lombarda Vetture Esperia, former Italian carmaker
  • Society of Antiquaries of London, the oldest antiquarian society in the world
  • Special Committee on Agriculture, a committee to prepare the meetings of the Agriculture Ministers of the European Union
  • City Abwasserbeseitigung Lunen, German sewage plant in Lunen, North Rhine -Westphalia
  • Structural Adjustment Loan, a loan for the adaptation of existing structures by the IMF or by private banks
  • Suid Afrikaanse - Lugdiens, the Afrikaans abbreviation for South African Airways
  • Surface Air Lifted, an international transport category for mailpieces that land, air, land transport is cheaper than air transport and faster than Landdtransport in the sequence

SAL as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Egypt: Salum
  • Germany: Saarland, state government and parliament

Sal called:

  • Grupo Sal, South American folklore group
  • Ruta de la Sal, regatta in the Mediterranean
  • Sal, historical Hungarian name of the Slovenian community Šalovci
  • Sal ( Don ), tributary of the Don in Russia
  • Sal ( Goa), river in the Indian state of Goa
  • Sal ( Cape Verde), one of the Cape Verde Islands
  • Sal ( right ), historical legal concept
  • Salbaum ( Shorea robusta), a plant of the family wing of the fruit plants

Sal is the surname of the following persons:

  • Jack Sal (born 1954 ), American artist
  • Ramazan Sal ( * 1985), the Turkish football player

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