Salar people

The Salar ( in German also salt lakes, Chinese撒拉族, Pinyin Sālāzú ) are a Turkic people and one of the 56 nationalities officially recognized the People's Republic of China. The Salar are considered descendants of the Oghuz tribe of Salur and are mostly Sunni Muslims. According to the last census in 2010, they include 130 633 people. They live mainly in Qinghai ( there in the Autonomous District Xunhua Salar Autonomous County and Hualong Hui ), Gansu ( in the Autonomous District Jishishan the Bonan, Dongxiang and Salar ) and Kazakh Autonomous County in Ili in Xinjiang.


The Salar talk to the Salarian language is one of about forty Turkic languages ​​. The Salarische divided into two dialects, one in Qinghai, one in the Ili. Their differences are mainly due to the contact with different neighboring languages ​​- Chinese and Tibetan one hand, Uighur and Kazakh other. The language is considered endangered; now talk only about thirty percent of the Salar their original language.