Salas, Asturias

Salas is a Spanish municipality ( concejo in Asturias, corresponds to the municipio in the rest of Spain) in the autonomous region of Asturias. The main town and seat of the municipality is also Salas.

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  • 6.2 On the Way of St. James


The municipality is bordered by Salas


The coat of arms

  • Top left: the arms of the Salas Family
  • Top right: the coat of arms of the Benedictine Congregation of Valladolid
  • Bottom left: the arms of the Miranda family
  • Bottom right: the arms of the Valdés family


Many finds from the Paleolithic prove the early settlement of the municipality. These are the numerous dolmens and ruins of a fort to take the still clear witness. Axes and fibulae from the Bronze Age to confirm the continued colonization and the brisk trade after finds from Malleza could be unambiguously assigned to the neighboring Alava.

From the period of Roman occupation still exist partly used water supply channels and traces of mining to the copper and gold mines of Godán, Ablaneda and Carlés. Some place names can not deny the Roman origin. The most important evidence is probably a stele with the inscription " Here lies Flavio Cabarco, son of Auledo and Caya ".

Middle Ages

The first mention of Documentary Salas dates from the year 896, in a deed of assignment from the neighboring Archdiocese of Oviedo which relates to the San Martin de Salas Church. The founding of the monastery Monasterio de San Salvador comes on behalf of the Infanta Cristina from the year 1024.

Modern Times

In the outgoing 16th century, the parroquias were: Soto de los Infantes, Linares and Lavi integrated into the community Salas. 1804 was followed by the parishes of San Antolin de las Dorigas, San Esteban de las Dorigas, San Justo de las Dorigas Santa Eulalia de las Dorigas. During that panic Freedom War Marshal Ney was stopped ` s rise in Cornellana on May 17, 1809, the municipality could only be collected in 1810 in a second attempt by forces under Marshal Bonnet.


The 13 seats in the municipal council are distributed as follows:



Parroquias } == == The municipality is divided into 28 parroquias

  • Alava
  • Ardesaldo
  • Bodenaya
  • Camuño
  • Cermoño
  • Cornellana
  • Godán
  • Idarga
  • La Espina
  • Laneo
  • Lavio
  • Linares
  • Mallecina
  • Malleza
  • Millara
  • Priero
  • Salas
  • San Antolin de las Dorigas
  • San Esteban de las Dorigas
  • San Justo de las Dorigas
  • San Vicente
  • Santa Eulalia de las Dorigas
  • Santiago de la Barca
  • Santullano
  • Soto de los Infantes
  • Viescas
  • Villamar
  • Villazón


  • Parish church " Iglesia de San Martin " with foundations dating from the 10th century
  • Monastery " Monasterio de San Salvador " in Cornellana from the 12th century
  • A variety of different Horreos from several centuries

A variety of architectural monuments of partially pre-Roman times, as well as cemeteries and hill forts are found throughout the municipality.

Festivals and Celebrations

It makes sense to read the calendar of events, since the large number of events are currently there.

On the Way of St. James

The municipality of Salas is crossed by the Camino Primitivo, in the municipality are the pilgrims 3 Hostels are available:

  • Monasterio de San Salvador; Plaza del Campillo, in Cornellana 33850 Tel: 690 73 30 17 Contact person in the bar La Taberna, Cornellana, Susana Tel: 985 83 50 22 The Refugio can accommodate 24 people.
  • Albergue Municipal de Salas; Urbanización La Veiga, n º 8 33860 Salas; about Local Police Tel: 689 57 21 27; The Refugio can accommodate 16 people.
  • Refugio de Bodenaya; Bodenaya, 33891 La Espina; Contact Alejandro Tel: 609 13 31 5 The Refugio accommodate 14 persons.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Fernando Valdés Salas, Generalinqisitor of Castile, founder of the University of Oviedo.
  • Juan Velarde Fuertes, economists.
  • Manuel Díaz Vega, President of the Spanish Football Federation
  • Luján Argüelles, journalist and TV presenter


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