Salem's Lot (1979 TV miniseries)

  • David Soul: Ben Mears
  • Lance Kerwin: Mark Petrie
  • Bonnie Bedelia: Susan Norton
  • James Mason: Richard Straker
  • Kenneth McMillan: Sheriff Gillespie
  • Reggie Nalder: Dr. Kurt Barlow
  • James Gallery: Father Callahan
  • Lew Ayres: Jason Berk

Must burn Salem ( Alternative title: Terror in the Marsten House, Original Title: Salem 's Lot ) is an American mini-series from the year 1979 Directed by Tobe Hooper horror film based on the novel must burn Salem by Stephen King..


After many years the writer Ben Mears returns to his hometown of Jerusalem 's Lot to write a book about the Marsten House.

But the house has been sold to a mysterious antiques dealer named Richard Straker. He would like to open an antique shop in town with his partner Kurt Barlow.

Soon afterwards mysterious incidents happen: people disappear or die of anemia. Ben knows that it can only lie at the Marsten House and that evil haunts Salem 's Lot.


From burning must Salem is a long TV version as well as a streamlined for the European market, but provided with some explicit scenes feature film version.

In Germany was released on August 8, 1985, the feature film version on video. The full TV version was first aired on 12 November 1985 at Sat.1.


" Deteriorating horror film that temporarily sent clichés of the genre combined, without being able to combine to form a dense history. "

" Pesky shocker about vampires and other evil; excellent Mason as dark antique dealers and Nalder as head vampire. "


1987 Larry Cohen turned a movie sequel titled Salem II - The Return free themes by King's novel. 2004 was a remake under the title of Salem 's Lot - burning must Salem.