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Salihli is a city in the Turkish province of Manisa and at the same time the chief town of the district. Salihli is on the road Izmir - Ankara. It is equipped with 125 493 inhabitants, the third largest city in the province. In the whole district live 149 150 citizens.


Salihli is a city with a long history. In the time of the Hittites 1750-1200 BC was the area around Salihli probably Assuwa or Uda. The foundation of the city under the name Hyde Herodotus leads back to the dynasty of the Heraclides. In the 6th -7th centuries BC Salihli Sardis was called and was the capital of Lydia. The then King Croesus was 437/539 BC defeated by the Persian king Cyrus II. Thus was Sardis, the capital of the Persian satrapy of Lydia. Sardis was also the starting point for the 2500 km long road to Persepolis Persian king.

With the victory of Alexander the Great in the Battle of the Granicus in 334 BC along Sardis in the Hellenistic sphere. Under the Seleucids Jewish war veterans were settled in Sardis, which in turn favored the emergence of a later Christian community. From 133 BC Sardis is part of the Roman province of Asia, who received special cultural promotion of the Severans. It is the seat of a jury court. 17 AD is ravaged by a massive earthquake that devastated the whole district Sardis. Then, Emperor Tiberius the city for five years all taxes and gave her beyond 10,000,000 sesterces for reconstruction. When Constantine Opel became the capital of the Byzantine Empire, a new road system that linked the provinces with the capital developed. Thus, Sardis became increasingly marginalized and lost its importance. However, it kept on its formal sovereignty and was from 295 episcopal see of the province of Lydia.

Soon after 1301 the Seljuk Turks overran the Hermus and Kaystrostal, and 1306 them a fort on the citadel of Sardis was awarded the contract. The decline of the city continued until its conquest ( and probable destruction) by Timur in 1402. Until the 19th century, Sardis was without form, and mainly building of the Roman period were visible. Since 1958, the Harvard and Cornell University to support annual archaeological excavations in Sardis. Today's ruins can guess their partial restoration was the old splendor. In addition to the destroyed old Salihli the new 10 kilometers emerged from the ruins of the 16th century. The Treaty of Sèvres, the region was granted to Salihli Greece and occupied on June 24, 1920 by Greek forces during the Greco- Turkish War. On September 5, 1923, Turkish troops took the city.

According to the official website of the rabbinate in Turkey can be traced back to before 220 ​​Judaism in Turkey BC. From this time the ruins of a synagogue in Sardis comes.


The city is located south of Salihli Gediz River, on a slope of the mountain range Bozdağ. It is located 125 meters above the sea. The place is next to the main town of eight other municipalities.

  • Adala
  • Durasıllı
  • Gökeyüp
  • Mersinli
  • Poyrazdamları
  • Sart / Mahmut
  • Taytan
  • Yılmaz

In addition there are 78 villages in the region.

Famous people

  • Habib Bektas (* 1951), writer of Turkish
  • Zeynep Hansen (born 1973 ), Professor of Economics
  • Zekeriya Kacaroğlu (* 1902), the Turkish football player
  • Ali Ihsan Karayiğit (* 1927), the Turkish football player
  • Kadriye Karci (* 1961), deputy of the Left Party
  • Ali Tandoğan ( b. 1977 ), the Turkish football player
  • Çağrı Yarkın (* 1989), the Turkish football player