Salim Sdiri

Salim Sdiri ( born October 26, 1978 in Ajaccio ) is a French athlete of Tunisian origin. At a height of 1.85 m his competition weight is 80 kg.

Sdiri is a member of the Central French club USM Athlétisme de Montargis. His personal best performance long jump outdoors is 8.42 m, its Hallenbestleistung 8.27 m. His best time in the 100 - meter race was stopped in Chartres at 10.79 seconds in 2008, his best jump in the triple jump is 16.10 m in 2000 from Tours.

Successes in the long jump

At the French Championships outdoors, he won the long jump in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2009. In the French Indoor Championships he won in 2003, 2005 and 2006. 8.42 m with the French record holder in the long jump, the 12 June he 2009 aufstellte at the French Championships in Pierre- Bénite, Canton Irigny. With 8.27 m, it also holds the French indoor record in the long jump, he set up in the Ville Monde on 28 January 2006. He had his own French indoor record of 8.24 m, which he had set up in 2005 Liévin outbid.

At the European Championships in Munich in 2002, he finished in seventh place at the World Indoor Championships in Birmingham in 2003, he was also seventh. At the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, he finished twelfth place in the long jump competition. At the World Championships in Helsinki in 2005, he was fifth, also at the IAAF World Athletics Final 2005 at the Stade Louis II in Monte Carlo. In the same year he won gold medals at the Mediterranean Games in Almería and at the Jeux de la Francophonie in Niamey. The European Championships in Gothenburg in 2006 he finished in tenth place. At the Athletics World Cup in Athens in 2006 he finished fifth. At the European Indoor Championships in Birmingham in 2007 he achieved a bronze medal behind Andrew Howe and Louis Tsatoumas. 2009 was the first good outdoor year after his serious accident in 2007: First, it represents the new French record, he again won the Mediterranean Games, which were held in Pescara (with a new record for the Mediterranean Games of 8.29 m before Yahya Berrabah and Louis Tsatoumas ) and finally he finished sixth at the 2009 World Championships in Berlin. At the World Indoor Championships in Doha in 2010, he was with 8.01 m fourth.


On Friday, July 13, 2007, Sdiri was hit in the IAAF Golden League meeting in Rome by a javelin of the Finn Tero Pitkämäki in the back. Sdiri was admitted with a more than ten centimeters deep wound to the hospital and initially discharged on the same day. Two days later, however, violations of the kidney and the liver were found.

On 17 February 2008 for the first time since his accident he took competes again in part: In the French Indoor Championships in Bordeaux, he qualified with 7.81 m for the long jump final, in which he reached the second place with 7.98 behind Kafétien Gomis. In the subsequent World Indoor Championships in 2008, he missed qualifying with 7.78 m the final round only one place.